Sorry guys this is going to be a kind of rant post but I just want to talk about prices of benefit products.

I love the makeup it’s amazing don’t get me wrong but I just think its really over priced especially for a girl like me. I go to highschool but I’m not at the age to have a job yet. Like for a mini bottle of the cha cha tint which is 0.13 fluid ounce and just a bit larger than my pinky finger it’s £10 a bottle.


Like when I go into town shopping my dad gives me like £50 to buy a bus ticket, food and whatever I want but buy the time I’ve bought a bus ticket and lunch I’ve spent like 10-15 pounds already and that’s not including maybe buying a bottle of water or juice to drink walking around.

I’m sorry for going off on a rant. Please send your comments and suggestions to: or just ask me on here


Rimmel London apocalips in Luna

Rimmel London Apocalips Review


The boots store I went to only had one colour in the apocalips left and that was Luna a nice purple colour.

The colour is really pretty and I didn’t know if I would suit it because my skin tone is often the lightest colour in all of the foundations from boots. I’ll insert a photo of a swatch here:


It’s really good quality and it lasts on my lips for about an hour.

In my next review I’ll be talking about a brush I really love.